V-Zilla is a monster. That's without a doubt the easiest way to sum up his sound. With a flow and lyricism that resembles Jay-Z, V is without a doubt going to be a huge influence upon mainstream rap one day. He has been making releases since 2002 and has opened for artists such as Atmosphere (Rhymesayers) and Xzibit (Loud Records). Coming from Houston, Texas, his love for sampled beats gives him more of a fun feel than today's typical "hard" type rap. He holds east coast lyricism down with a little bit of dirty south to give him his unique flow.
Calling himself an "unknown veteran", he holds the title M.C. to a different standard, one that dates back to KRS-One stating that M.C. stands not for Master of Ceremonies, but Moves the Crowd. Dropping out of high school, he has constantly worked on his poetry getting better and better as he pushes along, and finally created his own clothing line, "ZILLA WEAR 75". As Swat Product Music would say, "Zilla is definitely close to kicking down the doors that once closed in his face".


The Day the Game Changed: Volume III

His newest mixtape holds 22 tracks, 20 of music, 3 of these being remixes. He covers a song that he says "there was like, four hundred niggas rappin' on it like two hours after jay put it out", the D.O.A. beat from No I.D. (popularized by Jay-Z). The entire album is incredibly easy to listen to, there's no songs you want to skip over or anything, which is actually a rarity for me. I want to be able to tell you guys the best song or best couple songs on this drop but its really all good, just give it a shot, its not necessarily the kind of tracks you play to turn heads when you're drivin', its more of a fun album than a gangster album, just peep it.

"lil nigga im'a beast walkin' beat hawk over the counter drug type
bad guy in the movie, the forty caliber slug type
politically incorrect, lyrically crack your mug type
the bigger they are, the harder they fall, ask Suge Knight"
-- Real Talk Radio


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