Prince Ali

At a time when emcees have found themselves driven by material motivations, it can be hard to find creativity amongst the masses of rappers aspiring to prominence. The latest emcee to emerge from the Bay Area, prince ALI, is an exception to this rule. On his debut album, Curb Side Service (Hiero Imperium), Ali's inspirational lyrics are complemented by equally rousing, head-nodding beats. Featuring guests such as Keith Murray, Pep-Love, Planet Asia, Tajai and A-Plus of Souls of Mischief, Rakkaa of Dilated Peoples, among others, Curb Side Service is one of the most impressive albums to come from the Bay in years. Just take Ali's personal favorite, "The Majors" featuring Casual, Planet Asia, and Keith Murray. "Building with some of my favorite emcees was truly a humbling experience," admits Ali who still remembers the excitement he felt when he heard Keith's classic joint, "The Most Beautifullest Thing in the World," on the radio in 1996. And for those sleeping on the west coast, just check "California Cliff Notes" featuring Pep Love and Ali, trading verses over a classic Cali soulful riff. But Ali tackles assorted topics on his debut album. On "Way of the Warrior," Ali illuminates a situation where he was exposed to the shady side of the bizness. "One the greatest things about making music is that you can use it as a vehicle to express emotions," Ali explains about the inspiration for the track. "But like all mistakes, it was a valuable lesson," he adds. "Some people immerse themselves in music when they make a record," notes Ali, "but I virtually stopped listening to it. It was in that solitude that I was able to focus inward, and the album came to light. And to be working with Hiero is a sign that things have come full circle for me. The love for the art form existed before Hieroglyphics, but it became a realistic pursuit after they emerged," he adds, "I remember growing up in the Bay, wanting to be 5th member of Souls of Mischief." "Hiero has always been about putting out quality music," notes Tajai CEO of the Bay Area based label, Hiero Imperium, and now we're at a point where we can focus on the new, up and coming talent. Ali is an artist who embodies Hiero's vision and we're excited about supporting him." Born in Oakland and raised in Hayward, California, Ali started writing at the age of nine, and hoped to hoped to one day make records of his own. "It was all over for me after seeing RUN D.M.C with Dominique DePrima on the television show 'Home Turf' in 1984," says Ali, who received his MFA at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. "It just sparked something inside me and I knew I wanted to be an emcee." Undoubtedly, Ali's spiritual life has also profoundly influenced his music. "Sound affects your mental state. It can leave lasting impressions on a persons being. Music is a weapon, a tool, and at its best a vessel for change." Production on Curb Side Service is shared by Destruments, along with CHIII, Skavenger, and the Roy Butterfields Project.


Single: The Path / Honor Code

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    "Sound affects your mental state. It can leave lasting impressions on a persons being. Music is a weapon, a tool, and at its best a vessel for change."
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